Global Payment Plus „Guided Tour“

GPP in general

Get a brief overview of the main benefits and basics of Global Payment Plus.

Time 1:46 min

GPP in general

Global Payment Plus is an online banking application in Commerzbank's portal for corporate clients which supports EBICS as a standard for data transmission.

The EBICS standard

EBICS is a standard in electronic banking which regulates orders to the bank, your authorization of these orders as well as the submission procedure. It is defined binding for all banks that support this standard. This allows you as a customer of Commerzbank and other banks to manage your accounts from one application.

Maximum security and flexibility

In addition to the ability “Multibanking”, Global Banking Plus offers other significant advantages! Thanks to the USB signature stick including a specially protected web browser and the signature card, you do not need a local installation for GPP. Your payment is secure, flexible and is no longer tied to your computer or your network.

Enhance and simplify your existing workflow

Global Payment Plus is also suitable for use in combination with your other EBICS enabled, installed systems. Already submitted orders, for example via "Commerzbank Multicash", waiting at your bank on another signature, can be signed from you anywhere.

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GPP - First Steps

You will get an insight into the initialization steps.

Time 2:37 min

First Steps

In Global Payment Plus your orders are authorized by an electronic signature on the signature card of your stick. For this to happen, the necessary keys must be previously stored electronically and legitimized by the bank.

Exchange of subscriber keys

For this operation you will receive a letter from your bank called bank-parameter writing containing your EBICS access. During the first use of Global Payment Plus you will automatically be directed to the initialization in the menu Administration / bank accounts. Enter a freely selectable text description and other details of your bank access. After clicking "Continue" starts the electronic exchange of keys to Commerzbank.

Printing and mailing of the initialization letter

After the successful exchange of subscriber keys an initialisation letter is available for download. Please print and sign this letter personally at the marked points and send it to Commerzbank. The fastest way is using a fax. Your signature will be examined by your bank and your user account will be activated. This is done during business hours, usually within 30 minutes. We will gladly inform you of this step by e-mail. Bank parameter writings of other banks may contain similar process information.

Completion of the initialization

The retrieval of database parameters is the next step after being validated by your bank. Compare the displayed bank keys with those details on your bank parameter writing. Unless you can not confirm the match, please select the agreement button to continue and complete your initialization. Under the navigation point “Administration”, you see after selecting the “Bank access” the tab “account display”. Use the "account related permissions" to access and change view permissions.

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GPP - Managing Orders

Managing orders and order processing as one of the key points of GPP.

Time 5:08 min

Managing Orders

Orders and statements of your bank accounts will be retrieved automatically by starting the application. This is continued in the background even if the homepage is displayed already. In the navigation is indicated by numbers, how many issues are ready for processing. To capture a new order, you have the option of either using the menu item "orders" to initiate an acquisition - or even easier: you select in the navigation bar on the right the "New payment order" icon.

Capturing a new payment order

Starting a new payment order a window is built up, which gives you the opportunity to choose between an upload job, a credit transfer or a direct debit. Directly below you can select a corresponding order type and the ordering account after selecting the payment option; for example, a SEPA direct debit or by changing the type of payment a foreign transfer. To make it easy for you, GPP fills in advance selections, which you have used in the past most often.

The structure of a payment order form

In the grey area of the form you complete all the information that is collected uniquely to your order. For example, the company data you have captured for your bank access, the execution date or other information. In the white area of the page, you will find the information you can capture for every payment record within your payment order. An order can contain any number of payment records. You will find those bookings on your bank statement separatly or collected, according to your previous request. At the right position at the top of the form you will see the sum of all payment records within your order.

Functions for payment orders

GPP offers a high comfort in the beneficiary field and in the account number field. After the third digit or character is entered, a compatible preselection of historical payment records, templates or contacts is offered. With one simple click on one entry an all known datas of the selection will be filled in the form. A discount calculator, a bank- and SWIFT-code-search and a possibility of reuse as a template make the use as comfortable as possible. In case you saved an order during capture or the session is terminated abnormally during your capture, the payment order is stored under "orders in process" for a later continuation. This can be done by you or another agent with the appropriate permissions. The submission of a payment file, which you may have generated by using third party software, works via the upload job to your bank.

Order menu

Depending on your permissions, it may be that your payment orders have to be signed by other users. These orders will be displayed as “Submitted Orders" under the menu item until all necessary signatures have been made. Payment orders initialised by other users, which can be additionally signed by you, are displayed in the menu item "Orders for signature”.

Order history

Every payment order that you have send through Global Payment Plus to your bank, whether as creator or signing person, will be listed in the order history. A colour status gives you the information whether the job is still in progress at the bank's computer; then the order status is yellow; or it has been forwarded by the bank to the booking systems; the order status is then green; or an acceptance by the bank's computer was not possible; then the order status is red. Important is the additional information icon left of the order status. It shows information of subsequent processing in booking systems, happened after the protocol was interpreted to create the status colour. You should always check details on this.

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GPP - Accounts & Statements

Account information, bank statements & searching transactions in a structured presentation with export features.

Time 3:20 min

Accounts & Statements

Global Payment Plus provides account information in different places. On the homepage, a new retrieval bank statements and intraday bookings is carried out directly with your login. In the right box you will find the amount of new bank statements since the last login and the sum of all account balances, followed by the currency you have selected. At the lower area of the homepage you will see the activities of selected accounts as a chart and list of accounts. The account information of the homepage is linked to the area “accounts & bank statements”, where you get the complete overview of all accounts.

Export function

EBICS is a standard in electronic banking which regulates orders to the bank, your authorization of these orders as well as the submission procedure. It is defined binding for all banks that support this standard. This allows you as a customer of Commerzbank and other banks to manage your accounts from one application.

Navigate through accounts & statements

By selecting a specific account at the homepage you will navigate to the overview of all bank statements on this account. Here are the balances to this account displayed. Functions to create export files are offered, similar to the page account overview. By selecting a bank statement you will be taken to the bookings of this statement. By selecting a booking you will see the booking details. Browse between the bank statements is facilitated by arrows next to the statement number. A switch to another account is possible by changing the selectbox.

The transaction search

The transaction search, offers a standard and an expert mode. It can be used for searching over more then just one account by setting additional filter criterias, such as time or amount range, currency, purpose or counterparties.

Account display and automate retrieval for bank statements

For display account information and search over transactions, all retrieved bank statements for the last 90 days and intraday bookings will be evaluated. The provision of account information for Commerzbank accounts already takes place automatically. Your administrator (XAD-User) only needs to assign this information to individual users in your group. Appart from Commerzbank, for other banks, the automatic retrieval of bank statements or intraday bookings take place only after it has been activated by you under Administration / Access Bank / Account display.

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GPP - Administration

Administration - how to set up and use your Global Payment Plus.

Time 5:13 min


Many of the settings contained in the administration are linked to the standard EBICS and require no major administration. They are for your information and do result from the initialization process. Only in a few cases it might be necessary, for example, your company requests to change participant keys at regular intervals, or your bank ask you to update bank parameters, to do so. Important settings, however, are for example in the tab "My permissions", "Account display" or "Customer Profile".

Bank access

Bank access

The overview of bank accesses displays the respective status at the end of each line. This must be “ready” in a functioning bank access. In the list included is the EBICS Member ID (your personal ID) and the EBICS customer ID (ID of your work group). The name of the bank access is always individual.

Bank access / My permissions

Under the tab "My permissions” are information about your personal permissions, which apply only to you as a participant. This is also the case if you should be the only user below the EBICS customer ID. By selecting an order type in the selection menu you will see your ammount limit and your signature classification for each account. You also have the option to print your permissions.

Bank access / Account display

With this function it is possible to pass on the display authorization for account information to other participants of the same customer ID if you are entitled to it. This is comparable with the passing of a paper account statement in your company. The provision of account information for Commerzbank accounts already takes place automatically every day and for intraday bookings in the appointed interval. For other banks retrieval of information is default manually. Alternatively, it is possible to activate the automatic retrieval here.

Bank access / Customer profile

In the upper part of the page is the block "Company Information". Here you can set different companies of your group including their details. These are, for example, address information, the SEPA Creditor ID and you may specify accounts of the company. Relevant information will be automatically pre-filled in certain payment orders. Below the company information you will find all order types, accounts and participants for the customer ID.

Address book

In addition to the manual entry of payment records GPP offers an address book and a template management. The data stored there is available to all participants of the EBICS customer ID. A distinction is made between contacts and templates. Contacts contain your business partners including their addresses and bank details. Using the search function you can specifically select the desired contact by entering at least three characters. The function to change or delete a contact is only displayed as a mouse over effect in the appropriate fields. Templates are related to a contact and contain even additional information of a payment record.

File Download

In Global Payment Plus we provide account- and exchange-rate-information as well as log files for further editing or archiving - ready for download. You may download them after selecting your bank access in "Administration / File Downloads” where you find download options according to your permissions.

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