• Planning an investment? We offer you many financing paths – coordinated on your personal needs and also with our rating oriented advice.

Investment financing for your corporate targets

Do you need liquid funds quickly to procure capital goods? Are you planning a large investment with long term financing? Commerzbank offers you lots of financing possibilities – coordinated on your needs.

Alongside classic instruments, such as the overdraft facility or investment loans, we will also support you with a wide range of individually tailored financing alternatives: from development funds and leasing through guarantees up to capital market financing.

Working capital financing

There are many situations in which you as a business owner need liquid funds quickly: for initiating new business or concluding contracts. When procuring materials, warehousing or for production.

Commerzbank offers you flexible solutions for working capital financing, such as guarantees, fixed or variable interest overdraft facilities or factoring. We also offer many needs oriented special forms that take your specific requirements into account.

Investment financing, capital market financing and structured financing

Investments set a decisive course for your finance management Which form of investment financing brings the most benefits for you depends on basic conditions, such as the reason for the financing and investment targets. Factors such as flexible terms and repayment play an important role here.

For extensive capital requirements the capital market offers a variety of financing possibilities. Some situations also require complex financing structures and thus an even more tailored solution – let our experts advise you.

Renewable energies

Renewable energies are becoming increasingly important to the German economy. We accompany SMEs in project financing for large wind and solar parks, for investments in photo-voltaic plants, and companies in the renewable energies sector in financing and for risk and liquidity management.

As one of the leading international financiers of renewable energies, our experts will support you with projects both domestically and abroad. With our product palette we also cover the requirements of manufacturers, suppliers, project developers and operators.

Rating oriented advice

Your rating plays a decisive role in financing, because it has a significant influence on your financing costs. If you know the criteria of the credit worthiness evaluation, you can take targeted measures to improve your position. This is where the rating oriented advice from Commerzbank comes in.

This advice includes the following levels: from a brief report through a rating report up to detailed and simulation reports. At all levels we analyse your company’s optimisation potential and give you concrete action alternatives for a better rating.

Public development funds

Regardless of whether you want to claim public grants or are looking for a special development programme: We’ll advise you on the financing and will find an individual solution for your company.

In this way you’ll be able to noticeably reduce your interest burden with development funds for the long term financing of certain projects, such as energy efficiency measures. The possibilities are highly varied: from development loans with long term financing security, up to grants that don’t have to be repaid. So you can significantly raise your project’s yields.