Risk Management / Investment Solutions

  • Risk management in times of volatile markets: We will explain to you how to deal with financial risk factors here – with the help of innovative derivatives.

Take control of market uncertainty

Managing unpredictable movements in financial markets is core to controlling risk successfully in any business. Commerzbank offers simple to structured hedging and investment solutions to help you actively manage both daily and longer-term exposures. Our comprehensive service spans across asset classes, including commodities, currencies, interest rates, credit, pensions. Based on a close understanding of your goals, business strategy and capital structure, our specialists can advise on and implement your optimal risk management strategy.


As a European leader in commodity risk management (Deutsches Risk Rankings: No 1 “Commodities” since 2011), Commerzbank supports you in identifying, quantifying and hedging commodity price risks. Our commodities solutions can be tailored to your needs across energy and emissions, precious metals or base metals. We offer a wide range of instruments from plain vanilla (Swaps, Forwards, Options) to bespoke structured solutions. With Commerzbank’s comprehensive set of underlyings and instruments we help you to manage your commodity risks and implement your individual risk management strategy.


Exchange rate risk is an ongoing fact of life for any business that operates across more than one currency. Our active foreign exchange (FX) management can enable you to turn currency movements to your advantage, while hedging strategies can remove uncertainty from your financial planning. As a leading provider of foreign exchange products (Deutsches Risk Rankings: No 1 “Currency Overall 2016”), Commerzbank can help you manage FX volatility across G10 and emerging market currencies –including both onshore and offshore Renminbi (RMB).

Use our FX trading platforms FX Live Trader, Live Confirm, Commander and multi-bank online application tool to process transactions.

Interest rates

Fluctuating interest rates can make forecasting future cashflows difficult, while unexpected rate rises can sharply increase the cost of capital. Our independent, in-depth advice and reliable risk management solutions can bring greater interest rate certainty to your business planning. From interest swaps, interest caps to bespoke structured risk solutions, Commerzbank can advise on and implement the optimal hedging strategy for your organisation.


Companies that sponsor occupational pensions to their employees are exposed to funding and balance sheet risk. As a leading bank in Germany, Commerzbank is uniquely positioned to assist you on all local pension related topics – for defined benefit and defined contribution pension schemes. Our experts provide analyses and tailored solutions to help improve funding levels, manage balance sheet volatility and enhance stable future cash flows.


Explore a range of investment solutions that precisely align with your – or your clients’ – objectives and risk/reward goals. Be supported by our global structuring and product specialists, backed by local knowledge of regulations and access to state-of-the-art technology platforms. Solutions can be developed to meet specific needs in asset management, yield optimisation and risk management.